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Today, information systems are widely used in many organizations. However, it is necessary to have all systems and data to be secured. To increase security, we provide various of services to your organization including

Penetration Testing

Vulnerabilities Scaning

Source Code Review

Performance Test

Security Consult

Security Training


This training is in the form of theories and workshops for those who are interested able to gain knowledge and reduce the vulnerability of information systems also the risk that may occur

Cyber Security
Workshop Training

Secure Coding

Security Awareness Training


Public Advisories

CVE Number Description Serverity
CVE-2019-6191 LenovoPaper Discontinuation Local Privilege Escalation Medium
CVE-2019-14737 Ubisoft Uplay has Insecure Permissions High
CVE-2019-13605 CentOS Control Web Panel Authentication Bypass Critical
CVE-2019-13387 CentOS Control Web Panel Cross-Site Scripting Medium
CVE-2019-13386 CentOS Control Web Panel Command Execution High
CVE-2019-13360 CentOS Control Web Panel Authentication Bypass Critical
CVE-2019-13359 CentOS Control Web Panel Privilege Escalation High
CVE-2019-11397 Rapid4 Local File Inclusion Medium
CVE-2019-20526 Roxy Fileman 1.4.5 Unrestricted Upload High
CVE-2019-20525 Roxy Fileman 1.4.5 Directory Traversal High

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